Protect Yourself and Help Medics - we are raising funds on IndieGoGo

Protect Yourself and Help Medics - we are raising funds on IndieGoGo

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The last 2 months have seen the entire human race experience an unprecedented shock and go through a huge social change. In a very short time, almost a quarter of the world's population has been forced into lockdown and to adopt new ways of interacting and behaving.

No one knows how long this might take and when the  'going back to normal' part will be. Heck, we are not even sure what the 'new normal' will look like.

One clear consequence  of the COVID-19 outbreak is the great level of co-operation we are noticing on every level - personal, national, international and global.  In such unprecedented circumstances we have witnessed people, communities and whole nations rallying together to help and support the most vulnerable in society as well as key and frontline workers.  

It's important to stay calm and to do everything possible to maintain normality in a situation like that. It is also important to make sure that supply chains are working and all the necessary products are made available for those who need them the most.

That's why we wanted to do our bit in combating COVID-19 and support medical and healthcare workers by starting the IndieGOGO fundraiser - "Amarkt 95 Plus Respirator Face Mask" 

Key workers, such as those who work in health and social care services & supply chain, food chain, armed and police forces, education and childcare, utilities, transport, local and national government, play an essential role to keep society going and their jobs are vital to our health and safety during the coronavirus lockdown. 

Our goal with the IndieGOGO campaign is to raise 6000 EUR and donate 2400+ N95 masks to Medical Centres and Health Organisations in the most affected areas of the world. We are currently getting in touch with organisations and supporters to help find suitable places to donate to.

If you would like to offer your help and support - take part in the campaign or get in touch with us! Here are the 5 different ways in which you can support us and raise donations for key medical workers:

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