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I am
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I am
an artist


I am
a cake designer

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How It Works

Service, skill or article! You can offer any product, and discuss with clients for customized orders. All products are legal and complied with our terms, and matched our categories.
It is unlimited, you earn by your orders. The seller works on Amarkt, you can offer a little or many items, give online or offline service or article product for clients.
It is free to join Amarkt.pt. There is no monthly fee or fees to list your services or products. You keep 95% of each transaction.
It is flexible to manage your shop. You need to put some time and effort to learn the marketplace, and then show your product for more people to know.
You can set your price anywhere beginning from 2 Euro. And you can add additional pricing in every extra service items. Or you can discuss with clients on price for customized orders.
Buyer makes secure payment on the platform firstly. Once you complete an order, the money is transferred to your account automatically after 20-60 days.

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