The Amarkt team is located in the University of Aveiro in Portugal since 2017. We have members from IT engineering, marketing and international trading. That allows us to observe and understand internet development through a wide scope.

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Amarkt is starting a platform for online fresh food. It helps consumers to have access to a seasonal and healthy selection of fresh food, easy to order and to receive. You can also shop on our new Instagram store, @amarktpt.


We connect with farmers to offer seasonal fresh food. All of the items are from farms and fresh market directly. At Amarkt we know that logistics is an important factor, so we take care of delivering the orders to your house.

When you make order before 16:00 on today, the delivery will be in next day.

We deliver to all Portugal address. The delivery area in Lisbon zone one is delivered by our drivers. Other areas of Portugal will be delivered by CTT Express.

When your order is ready, you will receive a SMS or track number information about your package.